Larger Format 3d printer recommendations

Any recommendations for a larger format 3d printer to use for exploring making violins? I have an older Monoprice Prusa i3 clone, but it only has a 200x200 bed. That seems to be pretty limiting for a lot of the models out there. I gave up on trying to print the Hovalin because I just couldn’t get a few of the parts to fit no matter how I tried to tweak them. I know there is a new wave of cheap 300x300/400x400 printers out there but they seem to get wildly varying reviews.

hey @SRSabu, welcome!
I think any one with a largee print bed will do. Many designs also need a longer Z than some, watch for that.

Although I didn’t print a Hovalin, @dsp39 did and seems to have designed a violin with better sound projection, the modular violin. He might also have more input.

I use an old Rigidbot for mine. But any larger pursa clone with a slightly bigger print bed will work, feel free to post specific models.