List of pickups you can buy

This wiki page holds a list of pickups you can buy and put on your violins. Edit this page to include missing designs



Generic pickup from ebay

Mid range


Barcus Berry 3100

Tested on an accustic violin by @guysoft review:
This pickup really sounds decent, and a major advantage is you can attach it to any block of wood with just two screws, making it easy to switch between prototypes.
Its shape makes it hold the bridge from moving too much, which is good, still picks up some ambient sound, but for its price its a decent pickup.


There are also V-100 and V-200

Schatten V-03 Series

High end


Starfish pickup

Also sold here

Barbera tranducers

The pickups on most of Wood violins.

Also sold here


System ISSP2

Also has MIDI support


Thanks for this list. Cheap generic also on aliexpress.

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Its a wiki page, you are welcome to update it :slight_smile: