Sourcing parts, pickup in England

I’m currently in England and understand there may a pickup maker in Manchester - does anyone have details?
ALso if there a repository of parts sources floating about somewhere it should get linked-to here (or somewhere more appropriate, forgive me if i’ve missed it )

I found this someone via a friend that saw these people playing in the streets of Reading, Berkshire.

They use violins build by:

I am not sure if they sell pickups separately, but it might worth a shot. If not, you can join the magnetic pickup efforts, or find cheaper ones to experiment with.

Thanks I will give it a shot. In the meantime I looked at a headway which I’ll describe in my build log

@Jeremy_Rutman Any news on getting the pickup?

I have to nudge the guy it got to in London, in meantime maybe I will just order another. Also I should really try pasting a piezo onto a wood bridge and see how it does

I started documenting here: List of pickups you can buy